Coaches F Licensing Course

August 2008

VSA is sponsoring an F license course for any coach who would be interested an obtaining the license and furthering their soccer knowledge. The license is not required for recreational coaches, but highly recommended. You will come away with a wealth of knowledge to use on the practice field. There will be 2 separate F modules a U6-U8 and U10-U12. See the course content descriptions below.
The 5 hour F course is completed over Friday evening and Saturday morning. The dates are Friday and Saturday, August 22 and 23. The classroom time will be held at Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department.
VSA will pick up the fee involved for all VSA coaches.  All we ask is that you register and send in a $10 deposit to hold your spot. You will receive the check back at the course. The course is open to all coaches in Virginia so spots will be filling quickly. 
To register for the course please download the form using the link below and mail the form and your check to Bill Strachan, 3409 Logmill Rd, Haymarket, VA 20169.   The $10 check should be made payable to VSA.
For additional information Bill’s email is
Course Content for "F" Certificate Modules

The mission of the National Youth License and the State Youth Modules (F Certificate Modules) is to provide the most current and advanced information on growth and development of the youth soccer player. The youth soccer player is defined as any child from pre-school through adolescence. The course takes the approach that the GAME WITHIN EACH CHILD is at the center of all belief, decisions, and actions taken by the child, coach, and organization. It is the ultimate goal of youth soccer development within the to unlock the game within the child to reach their full soccer potential.
Coaching youth players requires bringing the game to life in a child’s world. The information and demonstrations will assist you with your coaching endeavors. This philosophy will allow youngsters to play, learn, grow, and enjoy soccer in a non-threatening environment. These four elements should be central to every decision and action taken by coaches and organizations devoted to youth soccer.
·          The Youth modules are broken down into two separate age-specific classes of 5 hours each; U6-U8, and U10-U12. Field and classroom work are both involved.
·          Philosophy of Coaching, Characteristics of Players, Team Administration, Risk Management, Care and Prevention of Injuries and Modified Laws of the Game.
·          Age Appropriate Field Activities and Progressions.
·          There is no examination. Attendance of all 5 hours is mandatory.
Applicants should bring a soccer ball; training suit, sweat suit, or any form of action clothing; gym shoes; soccer cleats; and writing materials.
Course certificates will be sent directly to the student coaches successfully completing the course by the VYSA State Office.
Course Content for "E" Certificate Course
The "E" Certificate is designed for the parent/coach who may or may not have any previous soccer playing or coaching experience. The curriculum focuses on the development of the player, both individually and as part of the team. The emphasis will be to build on the player’s technical development by applying tactical concepts within a team environment. The candidate should be 16 years of age or older.
  • To prepare coaches working with players U-12 and older by expanding their knowledge and understanding of the technical and tactical demands of the game and the development process necessary for players these ages.  
  • To provide an understanding of practical coaching methodology and the framework necessary to prepare players and a team for competition.  
  • To prepare coaches for whom this represents their final coaching course, as well as, those who plan to continue to further their coaching education.  
Curriculum (18 hours):
Classroom / Theory
  • Methods of Coaching, Team Management, Tactics, Laws of the Game, and Care and Prevention of Injuries.  
Field / Practical
  • Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, Shooting, Heading, Goalkeeping, Defending, and Attacking.  
Comprehensive Assessment & Review
  • Practice Coaching and a non graded take home exam on tactics and methods. Attendance at all 18 hours is mandatory.